Product Review- Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely

Bee Lovely tote bag, image from Neal’s Yard website.

My search for paraben and phthalate free cosmetics is ongoing, and bought me to the Neal’s Yard website via a wee link from my friend who is a sort-of rep for them.

I’ve looked at NY a lot, with aroma based longing, and never before indulged because frankly, it’s really bloody expensive, but in an anxiety spawned net shopping spree I threw concerns of expense to the wind and decided that I could stand to drop twenty odd quid on some soap and shower gel if I could be sure they wouldn’t leave various hormone disrupting villains in my body once I had lathered, rinsed and repeated.

I opted for the Bee Lovely shower gel, which comes in at a still eye-watering £14 for 200ml but some of that £14 goes to charidee which I heartily support.

img_0186It comes in a handy pump bottle with the expected NY branding, and works in the way you would expect any shower gel to. It lathers easily and smells beautiful- a clean mix of sweet and citrusy aromas. It’s basically really nice stuff. But so are plenty of other organic shower gels. Although it’s gorgeous at the point of use, the scent doesn’t really last on your skin and I found I still needed to use a body lotion afterwards, particularly on my arms as my skin started to dry out later in the day. I tried running it into a bath too, which again gives so much lovely scent but the bubbles don’t last very long.

It’s nice stuff if you fancy a mini treat, and you can get more bee for your buck if you look at some of the gift sets to combine with other products in the range but I think I’ll stick with supporting some bee charities directly and save my money to splurge on products which deliver a bit more than a pretty smell.

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