Hello Endies

July 2018

Following a lifetime of hormonal warfare and about two years of misfiring diagnoses, I find myself in my late 30s seeking the next stage of therapy for a confirmed case of uterine fibroids and a still-confirming-but-pretty-sure-it-is-endometriosis theory.

Hit the google bar and you will find oodles of info on both fibroids and endometriosis and much of that info includes helpful nuggets of wisdom about how widely ranging the symptoms and treatment success rates are. And if you rule out all the massively unfounded wisdom of people who want you to believe their theory and buy their supplement pill for the low low price of £9.99, there isn’t much of an agreed cause for either condition.

With all this in mind, I’ve not found many relatable tales for my current situation. I’m fortunate in that my symptoms, though irritating and painful, are not as yet debilitating. The diagnoses themselves are stressful and the processes of being checked out and referred are both upsetting and franking fucking infuriating on occasion. My family, close friends and other half have been wonderful in support terms, but they have not been through it, and I’ve struggled over some frantic web searching to find any tales of woe or success from other sufferers in a similar situation for me. It’s a basic comfort in life isn’t it, to speak to someone who is just like you?

Well screw it, I’m a person who is just like me, so I thought I would start writing it all down in the hope that it might serve to help someone else. And in selfish terms, to help myself by having a safe rant space.

So hi, welcome, and thanks for stopping in. Let’s get to know each other.